Reno Non-MLS License Hanging Company

Reno Non-MLS License Hanging Company

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Weekend Real Estate is Reno’s license hanging company that offers 85% commission on referral fees. ?Led by Renown Broker Kristopher Kent, Weekend Real Estate is the best way to keep your real estate license from going inactive, while providing you an inexpensive alternative to Realtor fees. ?Earn money from real estate transactions without all the fees.

As an agent with Weekend Real Estate ?you will be able to continue selling HUD, VA and New Homes making an 85/15 split as well as send out referrals keeping 85% of the inbound/outbound referral!

Should you ever decide to go full time and become a Realtor you can easily transition over to Renown Real Estate Services where you will be able to operate with full broker support, leads, transaction management technology and much more. ?You are not limited to Renown, join any brokerage, if you are with another brokerage right now, switch over and alleviate the fees.

With Weekend Real Estate you will not have the ability to use the MLS or lockboxes of the RSAR, but you will have the ability to continue selling HUD, VA, New Homes and Commercial Real Estate. ?Your only limitation is no use of the MLS or expectation of commission from a co-op commission from an MLS member company.

Don’t let you license expire. Hang it at Weekend Real Estate and keep making money with an active status. ?To find out more information email or call Kris at 775-313-9600×106.