Weekend Real Estate Program

Thank you for inquiring about our Non-MLS real estate agent program.

Here are the details of our plan:

  1. Our plan costs $99/year, paid up front every year.
  2. Commission splits are 80%/20% (80% to the agent, 20% to us).
  3. In-Network Referral splits are 100% (yes, 100% to you, nothing for us).
  4. Out-of-Network Referral splits are 80%/20% (80% to the agent, 20% to us).

Here are the rules for our plan:

  1. Broker office hours are Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm by appointment only (excluding state & federal holidays).
  2. We are a NON-MLS brokerage, members of our plan may NOT be members of the MLS.
  3. All types of referrals are allowed, however as a program participant you may only sell VA/HUD homes and new homes. Any other types of sales, including but not limited to vacant land, residential, commercial & industrial property must be approved in writing by the broker PRIOR to engaging in any sales activity.
  4. Advertising: Any and all advertising must be approved by the broker prior to publishing.
  5. Agent is responsible for obtaining all paperwork required for each transactions. Referrals only require a referral agreement, sales transactions require a plethora of paperwork, contact the broker for a list of requirements.
  6. Agents may hang their property management permit and/or business broker permit for a $15/per permit per year fee. However, agents may NOT engage in property management or business sales.

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